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Astro Virgins

Nov 27, 2019

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck & abundance, will operate in the sign of Capricorn from Dec 2, 2019 through Dec 19, 2020. An important shift and awareness comes along with this big planetary move that comes around every 12 years.  

Jupiter doesn’t feel all that comfortable in his Capricorn clothes; he’s in his detriment. The sign of Capricorn likes discipline, structure in addition to slow and steady progress. This doesn’t work well with Jupiter’s expansive nature. He is a planet of growth and doesn’t appreciate structure in the short-term.

In order to really tap into the benefits this “no-nonsense” planetary energy, we'll need to have a well thought out goal that keeps us striving for bigger and better over time. Don't discount Jupiter’s benefits during this period either. There are multiple periods throughout 2020 when Jupiter will collide with transformative Pluto–a very beneficial transit that only happens every 13 years. There will be many opportunities to gain —if you we can commit to focusing on something long-lasting. 

Join Crystal B. as she explains more about how to use this year long cycle of manifestation to your advantage.